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  • Kororinpa was released 16 years ago. We are all old!

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Welcome to the Kororinpa Guide section! Here you'll find tips and videos for all levels in the game.


Set the music to "Random" to hear a variety of tracks without setting it manually each time you play a level.


There's a large selection of marbles in the game, but you can get by just fine with only a short few. Here are the ones I like to make use of:

Choosing the right marble for a level will make things significantly easier for you.

Falling off

In the longer levels it can be acceptable to fall off once or twice, you may still be able to make the gold cup time (especially if you just passed a milestone). As soon as you fall hit the A button to get going again quickly.

Green crystals

Every level has a secret (sometimes not-so-secret) green crystal on it. Collect them all!


Something I've discovered is that if you flick the Wii remote upwards, you can cause your marble to jump. A cool trick, and it can be used as a shortcut in some places. At no point is it absolutely necessary though. In this guide I use jumps only in the green crystal videos, in order to cut down the video length.

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