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  • Kororinpa was released 17 years ago. We are all old!

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The final frontier.

Space level 1

Deep Into Space

Note that there are no green crystals on these bonus levels. The starting section is a little awkward, you have to pretty much point the Wii remote directly down at the floor. Exit the magnet rail very slowly, you land on a thin curved walkway with no wall to stop you.

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Space level 2

Space Station

Slow and steady wins the race! Leave the treadmill slowly so you can drop right onto the crystal and not have to go back for it.

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Space level 3

Amazing Space

This one features quite a lot of thin walkways, I found a heavy marble like the gas tank easiest to navigate them. Take it slow, time isn't much of a factor as long as you don't fall off loads.

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Space level 4

UFO Invasion

Time is actually pretty tight here, you can't afford to hang around a whole lot. After the roll-in right at the start, try to use the momentum to bounce over the wall. This will save some valuable seconds and put you in good stead for the rest of the level.

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