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  • Kororinpa was released 16 years ago. We are all old!

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Day Town

Life in the big city ain't what it used to be, one wrong move and your marble is toast!

Day Town level 1

Whirlpool Swirl

I recommend a marble called Charlie for this level. When it comes to speed, Charlie knows how to roll! Leave the second magnetic railing with some speed so you can reach the next without falling.

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Green crystal

It's on the platform underneath the second magnet rail, go off the end of the rail slowly so you drop down.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 2

3D Road

There's a platform that moves back and forth near the end of the level, you want to reach this when it's on the near side so you don't have to wait. I recommend using Charlie again. Just before that there's also a sliding platform, place your marble in the nook and tilt right to bring it to you.

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Green crystal

Get on the sliding platform and shift it all the way to the left.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 3

Slopy Highway

This can be a tricky one to do at speed, a good tip is to follow the yellow line in the center of the road. Turning is more important than speed here so go with a controllable marble like the candy ball.

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Green crystal

Head about half way up the final slope and roll off to the left, if you get it right you'll collect the green crystal while in the air.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 4

Afraid Of Heights

Make sure the platforms are there underneath you before dropping through the first two holes. You don't have to wait for them to move before rolling off though. When presented with the choice, take the left hole, it's quicker.

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Green crystal

When you're on the steps near the end of the level, instead of going down them, roll upwards slowly over the edge.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 5

Half Eaten Apple

Nothing too fiddly about this one so go with raw speed, choose Charlie or similar. Some sections of the apple move, if you run into one that's up just wait for it to go down again.

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Green crystal

The green crystal is actually on the apple over on the right side, outside of the normal track.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 6

Ring Ring Ring

The gas tank marble is a good choice here, it's pretty fast but also heavy, so it doesn't bounce around much after the drops. Follow the path in the video if you're not sure of a good route.

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Green crystal

Some way down the level one of the rings has a section cut out of it, with the green crystal hovering underneath in the middle of the gap. Roll over the edge slowly to collect it.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 7

Skinny Road

After the long tubeway there's a drop with some big holes around you, take the drop at a casual rolling pace.

Gold cup time - 00:38:42 Watch Video

Green crystal

Just after the magnetic railing, roll off the side of the platform (towards you) to get the crystal in the air.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 8

Cannon Smash

You don't want a bouncy marble for this, or one that goes too fast, take the mean green gas tank.

Gold cup time - 00:23:49 Watch Video

Green crystal

After the third cannon sends you up onto the high ledge, roll back in the direction you came from.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 9

Up Down Over

On the first section, don't hug the turns too tightly, so you can land right on the crystals and set off again quickly.

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Green crystal

Instead of taking a left down the steps near the end of the level, go right over what seems to be a dead end. There's a thin slope onto a platform where the green crystal awaits.

Green Crystal Video

Day Town level 10

Run Solarbeam

Stay away from the magnifying glasses! (what a great tip).

Gold cup time - 00:20:82 Watch Video

Green crystal

The green crystal is by the third magnifying glass, the one that's sweeping around really quickly. Either follow it around fast, or go around the other way sticking close to the square hole.

Green Crystal Video

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