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  • Kororinpa was released 17 years ago. We are all old!

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The Park

Ok if you're struggling with these beginner levels you probably don't need a guide, you need a doctor. All the same, here they are for completeness sake and to show where the green crystals are.

Park first level

The Very First Stage

A very simple one to start off with, you can get the gold cup here with the standard marble if you don't balls it up too much. Start off with a good amount of speed and take the corners sharply, making sure to collect all three orange crystals on the way.

Gold cup time - 00:04:62 Watch Video

Green crystal

Just before the second orange crystal you'll see two nails on the right hand wall. Position your marble between these and tilt 90 degrees right. You'll land on a platform where the green crystal awaits.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 2

Road With No Walls

This track is basically a big square with legs. Make your way around, slowing down enough for corners so as not to fly off the edge. You can make the gold cup comfortably with the starter marble.

Gold cup time - 00:11:52 Watch Video

Green crystal

Near the end of the level, on the home straight you have the option to take a left down some steps. The green crystal is on the bottom step.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 3

Gather And Go

Nothing too dangerous about this one, just a case of tilting the level enough to keep a good speed. Don't head onto the magnetic rail too fast though or you'll likely fall.

Gold cup time - 00:12:43 Watch Video

Green crystal

Those sneaky level designers have put the green crystal directly behind you right at start. Tilt backwards and allow yourself to go over the lip slowly. You'll land on a platform with a thin ledge leading off it, the green crystal is on this ledge.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 4

Snaky Slope

This is basically a constant figure 8 with a downward slope. Avoid the sticky patches, you're forced into the icy stretches but they aren't really a hindrance. I used the basketball for this one (you should have it unlocked by this stage), it has a better speed and its bounciness doesn't matter so much because you're rolling all the way.

Gold cup time - 00:25:17 Watch Video

Green crystal

Just less than half way down the track you'll notice a small section missing in the outer wall. Roll slowly through this gap for the green crystal which is hovering in mid air.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 5

Scissor Cut

This is pretty straight forward, time your rolls so that you go through when the scissors are open. After the last curve, tilt the Wiimote sharply so that you can finish the home straight at speed.

Gold cup time - 00:11:82 Watch Video

Green crystal

You can see the green crystal right from the start. Head up the initial slope, start down the other side very slowly. Go off the near edge as early as it lets you.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 6

Be Brave

The Candy ball is a good choice here, it's similar to the standard marble but a little faster.

Gold cup time - 00:14:71 Watch Video

Green crystal

After the first drop, head backwards a little.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 7

Get Over There

At the end of each section of track there is a piece cut out. After passing this, use it to change direction.

Gold cup time - 00:08:53 Watch Video

Green crystal

It's on the section of track right near the finishing goal.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 8

Whirlpool Wave

As its name suggests, this track has you going around in circles. Well, squared circles anyway. Don't use a bouncy ball for this, as it will be hard to control when going at high speed.

Gold cup time - 00:29:16 Watch Video

Green crystal

Instead of taking the last-but-one corner, head right over the edge with a little bit of speed. You'll land on a secret platform where the crystal is.

Green Crystal Video

Park level 9

Up Down Which Way?

This isn't a particularly attractive video, but sue me. It's important to get up the slope and through the scissors before they close so that you won't have to wait. If the raising platform isn't there when you need it you can still get over the gap with a good tilt. For the final drop you can skip the scissors altogether and land right in the goal, shaving off some more time.

Gold cup time - 00:13:14 Watch Video

Green crystal

Roll onto the moving platform and ride it to the top, the green crystal is there waiting.

Green Crystal Video

Park last level

Forward And Back

This one is mostly about getting the 'feel' of the level. Still using the Candy ball, approach each slope at speed, slowing down sharply as you reach the pinnacle. Near the end you will step onto a sliding platform, tilt the controller down the force it into the correct position (i.e using gravity).

Gold cup time - 00:27:12 Watch Video

Green crystal

At the top of the circular slope (after the magnetic railing), you'll see the crystal hovering in the air. Roll off the far side where there is no wall to get it.

Green Crystal Video

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