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  • Kororinpa was released 16 years ago. We are all old!

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Candyland guide

Welcome to Candyland, you'd have to agree that these levels are SWEET (see what I did there?).

Candyland level 1

Ups And Downs

Do the first section quickly so that you can get onto the brown lift before it goes back up, saving you from having to wait. Don't hang around waiting for the pink lift to drop, it's safe enough to just roll over the edge.

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Green crystal

Get onto the pick elevator while in its upper position. Roll over the edge with a small amount of speed, time it right and you'll collect the green crystal in the air.

Green Crystal Video

Candyland level 2

Round Surface

You'll want a fast ball that doesn't bounce too much here, I've opted for the car.

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Green crystal

It's on the near side of the rainbow colored half-pipe. You will naturally land further in, so turn around.

Green Crystal Video

Candyland level 3

Round And Round

Time is pretty tight for this one so you don't want to hang about. If you haven't unlocked any fast marbles yet you'll have to settle for silver or bronze and come back to it later. Otherwise, bring on Charlie! There's a crystal on the left turn as you start, if you take it fast enough you can roll right over the gap, saving time. Most of the other crystals are up on ramps on the edge of each ring. On the first ring there are 2 ramps, on the brown ring there are 3.

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Green crystal

There's a moving platform between the second and third rings, ride it down to the bottom and collect the green crystal.

Green Crystal Video

Candyland level 4

Skip To My Lou

This one's straight forward enough, just watch out for the big hole. Again, a fast marble that doesn't bounce much will benefit you here.

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Green crystal

Those sneaky level designers. Roll backwards at the start of the level, once you're over the edge you'll be right by the green crystal.

Green Crystal Video

Candyland level 5

Cannon Boom

The first section has you travelling left, take the platforms quickly but slow down to drop into the cannons. After the downward slants, roll upwards into the wall to bring the sliding platform near. Get on and move it back down, drop into the hole to finish.

Gold cup time - 00:21:22 Watch Video

Green crystal

You can reach the green crystal using the sliding platform, move it all the way down.

Green Crystal Video

Candyland level 6

Ring Ring

Go from one side to the other on each ring, taking the chutes down until you see the pancake thing hovering below, then drop down slowly.

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Green crystal

It's on top of the pancake at the end, roll onto it from the ring above.

Green Crystal Video

Candyland level 7

Fly To Tomorrow

There are sections of the track missing in this level, but as long as you approach with enough speed the ramps will get you over. Take the final drop gently so as not to bounce out of control.

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Green crystal

It's right at the end of the level, take the drop onto the donut (pancake?) slowly to collect it.

Candyland level 8

Lost In A Maze

You'll want to get these crystals in an organised way so you don't waste time in the maze. See the video for my method.

Gold cup time - 00:28:58 Watch Video

Green crystal

If you take the path described above you can't miss the green crystal, it's on the thin section of the home straight.

Candyland level 9

Surprise Drop

Talk about a short level. Head down the roll-in into the funnel, on landing watch out for holes. Head to the right and into the tube. That'll do pig.

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Green crystal

Head down the slope at the beginning but don't roll straight over the edge. Instead slow yourself down and head upwards over the side, where you'll collect the green crystal in the air.

Green Crystal Video

Candyland level 10

Jagged Ice Rink

Too much speed can be detrimental on this stage, particularly on the icy part so I've gone with the Candy ball.

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Green crystal

The green crystal is near the start, on the 4th slant head over the edge on the right side to collect it.

Green Crystal Video

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