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  • Kororinpa was released 16 years ago. We are all old!

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Night Town

I like the nightlife, I like to boogie.

Night Town level 1

Hexagon Of Fear 2

The hexagons have angled sides so you need quite a lot of tilt to stay out of the trap in the middle. When presented with a choice of holes after the tube, go for the left one.

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Green crystal

When you leave the tube you land on a little ledge, tilt left to get off then roll around to the underside of the ledge.

Green Crystal Video

Night Town level 2

Just A Bit More

This is basically just a matter of practice. When you reach the boxes at the end you have to drop down the square hole in the center. Watch out for the third box, it has a narrow gap that you can fall down, move around it.

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Green crystal

Again it's hidden underneath a ledge you land on, some way after the treadmills. Watch the video for specifics.

Green Crystal Video

Night Town level 3

Risky Tightrope

This one may take a fair bit of practice. It's ok to fall once or twice, the time allows for some mistakes. If you do fall, hit the A button to get going again quickly. The trickiest part is undoubtedly the snaky path just after the magnet rail. The low lighting can make it difficult to see how the ledges are angled, but you get a feel for it after a while.

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Green crystal

You'll see it on your way through the level. It's off to the left of the last milestone, get it in mid-air.

Night Town level 4

Crossroads Of Fate

Take the left hole for the best chance of success. A heavy marble like the gas tank works well for quickly dropping down through the funnels.

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Green crystal

Take the path on the right side to get the green crystal. It's on the outside edge of the second funnel you drop onto.

Night Town level 5

Climb To Heaven

The weight of the gas tank marble will help you keep control on all these curves.

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Green crystal

The green crystal is hovering above one of the curves about half way through the level. There's a walkway above with a small gap, slowly roll into the gap.

Green Crystal Video

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