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  • Kororinpa was released 17 years ago. We are all old!

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BIG NEWS UPDATE! - Kororinpa will be hitting Nintendo 3DS.

What is Kororinpa?

Kororinpa (full title Kororinpa: Marble Mania in some regions) is a video game developed by Hudson Soft. Based on former classics like Marble Madness, you take control of a marble, rolling it through a number of levels. Each level includes tricky obstacles for you to navigate.

Exclusive to the Nintendo Wii, Kororinpa makes remarkably good use of the Wii Remote. No button presses are required to play the game, simply tilting the controller will move the world on-screen, rolling your marble in the desired direction.

Kororinpa can be picked up and played by anyone, it's suitable for all ages. Two people can also play at once, in a fun packed race to the end of the level.

Kororinpa reviewed

Kororinpa received an impressive A- grade from notable gaming site Wii's World.

"Since the Wii's philosophy is gaming for everyone, Kororinpa ties into that very well" - Kororinpa review.